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Our Servi​ces

Janitorial Services

Contract Consulting Jamaica Limited has been a source of reliable services that improve the spaces and places that matter most. In the global market with its parent company, the​ firm has vast experience cleaning a maximum of 850,000 sqft buildings such as: hospitals, universities, government building, airports a​nd cruise ships. Whether you operate one site or many, CCJL keeps you Clean, Green, and Compliant with a full range of expert commercial janitorial services. Since 2000s, top-notch processes, innovation, and reliability have been CCJL's passion. Unlike other janitorial companies, we’re a single-source commercial janitorial contractor who invests in advanced cleaning technologies. CCJL’s proven methods can save you time and improve your bottom line. Our own team of well-trained, efficient, environmentally aware professionals become part of your team, respecting your culture and leaving you free to focus on your core responsibilities.

CCJL Green Care improves indoor air quality, occupant health, and your reputation. Green cleaning is integral to all our commercial janitorial services. From implementing a basic program to going all the way with janitorial points for LEED certification, CCJL has you covered.

Call Center Services 

Additionally, our highly educated and equipped call center agents are well trained with technologically advanced software ready for your command. We aim to provide Call Center Services in various department such as fortune 500 companies, Universities, Distributors, Hotels, Government Grant programs, Hospital, Labs and other affiliated entities. Our biggest commitment is to provide unrivaled customer service experiences. Our call center agents are polished, poised customer service professionals.  Proactive, resourceful and possesses the ability to effectively combine communication skills with detailed product and service knowledge to deliver customer satisfaction.  More specifically we provide call center services in various sectors:  finance services, media and entertainment, travel and hospitality, retail and catalog, insurance, consumer products, healthcare, transportation, energy and utilities, communications, and non-profit.  Our biggest commitment is to
provide unrivaled customer service experiences for our clients. 

Poised to serve the entire Jamaica, Contract Consulting Jamaica Limited established its presence in Jamaica in the beginning of 2021 and has already started to corner the market with the allocation of multi-year contracts with local banks and insurance agent locations. Our Proposal Writing Services has assisted hundreds of businesses to acquire contracts by sourcing the bid and writing the proposal on behalf of said business while becoming their subcontractor management partner. CCJL will help numerous businesses increase their business revenue through government and private sector contracts. Furthermore, many of our clients received their very first contract through us. CCJL excels in finding and procuring contracts that fit the unique capabilities of each client, while also providing the necessary support to help every client win a government contract through our proposal writing & presentation services. 

Proposal Writing Services 

Why You Should 

Choose Us?

01. Increased Productivity 

Our call center, janitorial or proposal writing services are guaranteed to increase productivity within your company.


02. Quick Response

We guarantee a response to a query about any of our service areas within 24 hours

03. Professional  Staff 

All staff that are engaged will provide professional and reliable services.

04. Excellent Service

This is backed by our money back guarantee.


05. 25 Years of Combined Experience

We are veterans when it comes to proposal writing, facility maintenance and call center services.


06. Affordable 


We guarantee to offer competitive prices and will provide a quotation within 24 hours. 


07. Modernized  Approach

We pride ourselves in our modernized approach that allows us to maintain and achieve strategic objectives that meets our clients needs, while moving toward an agile, innovative, cost-effective future.

Our CEO, Ms. Sharna Barnes speaks about her experience as an Entrepreneur

Are you interested in winning a government contract for your small business?

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