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Call Center Services

Explore the diverse expertise of Contract Consulting Jamaica Limited's call center, spanning industries like laboratories, universities, schools, government agencies, manufacturing firms, and hospitals. Our skilled agents adeptly manage both inbound and outbound calls, delivering exceptional customer service in multiple languages. Tailoring our approach to your needs, we engage with your potential clients seamlessly across various channels—phone, email, social, SMS/chat, mobile, and video. Elevate your customer satisfaction, drive sales, and gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive call center services. Connect with us today for a service that goes beyond expectations

Our Services

Phone & Mobile

At CCJ we provide call services for inbound as well as outbound calls to serve your customers needs anytime of the day. Our experienced call center agents are available for service to your customers 24/7. When working with our center you will be designated your own account so that clients won’t even realize they’re speaking to an outsourced service. While using our call center you’ll never have to stress about not being there for your customers again. Our mobile customer service agents can respond directly to your clients from their phone through local number options

Email & Video

Email is a great way to reach your clients and customers, but it can be daunting to reply to them all in a timely manner. Our email system can be integrated with several platforms, giving us the ability to send response emails and provide solutions to your customers from your very own domain. Virtual options can also offer a sense of flexibility for your customers and allow you to reach more consumers. That’s why CCJ offers live agent webinar/video customer service with services such as troubleshooting technical issues, website walk-through support, and on-demand training videos and tutorials.


Managing your social media notifications can be an overwhelming task that takes up valuable time. Responding to your customers on social media is important and that’s why CCJ uses a built-in social media manager to manage your pages. We respond to client messages, make posts, advertise, and make announcements as you need.

SMS/ Chat

Virtual Assistant 

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Hiring a virtual assistant will massively reduce your workload. Repetitive tasks like scheduling meetings, taking phone calls, answering emails, and calendar management take a lot more time than you may realize. One of our trained virtual assistants will be able  do all these admin tasks and more. 

Chat pop-ups and SMS are great options to instantly respond to customer and client needs. If you offer chat pop-ups on your company’s website our agents are available for live chat to respond to chat and SMS messages in real time.

Businesses That Value Call Center Services

Educational Facilities

Private educational institutions


Private Hospitals
Public Hospitals
Doctor's Offices
Psychiatric Hospitals


Manufacturing plants.
E-commerce website.
Storefronts, booths and shops.


Government Grant Programs
Delivery Companies

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