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Janitorial Services

At Contract Consulting Jamaica our mission is to create pristine and healthy environments for our clients, utilizing cutting-edge cleaning technology and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We prioritize safety for both our clients and employees, implementing a comprehensive health and safety program tailored to your facility. This dedication ensures top-notch service, contented employees, and competitive pricing. We also understand the universal appreciation for cleanliness—gleaming floors, refreshing air, well-supplied restrooms, and spotless windows. Beyond fostering health, our janitorial services safeguard your facility's assets, elevate employee efficiency, and foster customer loyalty. Maintaining the highest standards in custodial cleaning and maintenance is not just a choice; it's a necessity

Why is Cleaning and Sanitization Important?

In a world filled with various challenges, it's understandable that maintenance priorities may take a back seat. With fewer people around, the value of investing in top-notch commercial cleaning might seem less apparent. However, maintaining a clean and safe environment is as crucial as ever. For a space that exudes safety, cleanliness, and warmth, commercial cleaning remains indispensable. Elevate your surroundings with our services, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere that stands the test of time

Businesses That Value Commercial Cleaning


Grocery Chains
Specialty Retail Chains
Pharmacy/Drug Store Chains
Discount Store Chains


Office Buildings
Neighborhood Shopping Centers
Specialty Retail Centers
Government Buildings

Higher Education

Grounds Maintenance
Physical Plant Maintenance
Dormitory/Student Housing Maintenance


Apartment Move-Out/Move-In Cleaning
Special Event Cleaning

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